And Now something completely different.

But Really, just more of the Same.

I started A Life Well Played almost a decade ago. Since then, it’s always been an ongoing exploration of writing and publishing content. I never put much stock into its SEO, best practices, or structure. It changes constantly, and it’s an ever-evolving writing/publishing project for myself.

At one point, the site even acted as a means to explore building my own blogging platform/CMS, as well as exploring other blogging platforms like Movable Type, WordPress and Ghost.

Then about a year ago, I moved back to WordPress, and created a custom theme, this theme, _Exiled. The name reflects how I was feeling with the direction of blogging at the time, and where I fit in. Not just in the world of blogging, but kind of in life in general. In short, life’s been kind of weird lately.

Okay, but what does that have to do with the future of this site?

After a bit of a journey, I’m finally happy to have figured out what I want this site to be again, and what I’ll be doing next. I’m scrapping the short-form news brief/commenting in favor of longer form, evergreen pieces. Back to my roots, if you will. Some tutorials, some interviews, random life postings. A little of everything.

A Life Well Played will still be mostly pop culture/tech-based, but I’m no longer really going to worry about trying to fit it into any kind of category or tag. This will let me focus on my other projects without feeling like I’m neglecting this site.

Look for A Life Well Played relaunching in early 2020!