December 31, 2018

Welcome to A Life Well Played

Lets try this again.

Years ago I started A Life Well Played as a “video game news commentary”, a way to express my thoughts with the current state of video games. I experimented with various forms of writing, as well as layouts and designs.

Since then, I’ve had several ideas I tried to explore, but nothing felt quite right. I even explored the idea of making it a Medium-esque type clone, allowing others to submit their own stories. As I developed the idea, I realized this really wasn’t sustainable, or even a good idea out of the gate.

Instead, I’ve decided to go back to go back to my original idea- a blog to share my thoughts and draw attention to social issues.

You see, I made the mistake of trying to come up with something I thought other people might want to read, instead of what really mattered- what I wanted to write.

So, welcome to the new site. An experiment of sorts. A place for me to rant and share interesting, sometimes cool things.